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349 EUR

51 x 51cm, h 39cm 

Producer: Jan Kurtz GmbH

Handmade side table in oak. Unusual shape, unusual material, but a homely table: Kai Linke designed for the German furniture sales Jan Kurtz coffee table either from steel, concrete or plastic, but made of clay. The upside-down cone shape is pottery crafted from clay on the wheel and fired for permanent hardness and resistance strength at approximately 1,300 ° C. A glaze misses the fired clay its typical gloss, the color coffee table variants are more expensive due to the lengthier production process. The cozy warming conclusion receives the coffee table by a sturdy plate made of solid wood in oak or walnut. And certainly the Buurmann side table made by Jan Kurtz under his name as always pleasant "neighbor" will prove next to a sofa and armchairs.

C-KL stands for Collection Kai Linke. The label was founded by designer Kai Linke in Frankfurt am Main in 2015. C-KL is producing furniture, lightings and accessories with a particular aim: Within the objects experimentation is merging with utility, practical value with playfulness, familiarity with calculated irritation.


C-KL opens up a whole new world, which is surprising and easily comprehensible. The unusual shape of the products stems from the active experiment with the material, deeply influenced by new ways of production. All products are manufactured by hand in Germany, some of them being made by handicapped persons, supporting them in participating in social life and helping them to gain an independent living.


Founder Kai Linke has developed lighting and furniture for international manufacturers, objects for the public space, interiors and exhibition concepts for many years. His experience from these design areas has now resulted in the label C-KL. This way, Linke makes limited editions available to the general public.

C-KL's products are sold through this online shop, selected galleries, design shops, concept stores and museum stores.

C-KL GmbH i.L.
Hohenstaufenstraße 8
60327 Frankfurt am Main

email   collection@kailinke.com
web     www.collection-kailinke.com

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