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349 EUR

h37cm, Ø 34cm      

Producer: Collection – Kai Linke

Metallframe with covering with μ thin, silver Mirrorfoil, in unlighted condititon mirrored, in lighted condition transparent, 3 m silver textilcabel; Weight of the lamp shade 104 g, Total weight incl. Bulb and cabel 346 g; Color: silver
Light Source: bulb socket E27 (suitable for all illuminat energy efficiency)

COSMO plays with the contrasts like the change from transparency to opacity: Turned off the lamp is an opaque silver object, in which the environment mirrors in the irregular outer shell. Turned on it transforms to a transparent, crystalline form, in which the illuminate is exposed like in a mirror cabinet and numerous light reflections become visible. COSMO is connecting contrary world: it has the appearance of an elegant chandelier and the lightness of a lampion. The foil material appears sketchy, it’s faceted form though reminds on the brilliance of a smoothed jewel. The traditional impression of a lampshade merges with the aesthetics of polygons, that we know from 3D programs. Cosmo perfectly integrates itself into different surroundings and fits well into contemporary living context. COSMO consists out of a thin silver coated foil. Due to it’s surprising lightness it can be used wherever a heavy chandelier fails. Every single lamp is handmade by a workshop for handcaped people in Germany.

C-KL stands for Collection Kai Linke. The label was founded by designer Kai Linke in Frankfurt am Main in 2015. C-KL is producing furniture, lightings and accessories with a particular aim: Within the objects experimentation is merging with utility, practical value with playfulness, familiarity with calculated irritation.


C-KL opens up a whole new world, which is surprising and easily comprehensible. The unusual shape of the products stems from the active experiment with the material, deeply influenced by new ways of production. All products are manufactured by hand in Germany, some of them being made by handicapped persons, supporting them in participating in social life and helping them to gain an independent living.


Founder Kai Linke has developed lighting and furniture for international manufacturers, objects for the public space, interiors and exhibition concepts for many years. His experience from these design areas has now resulted in the label C-KL. This way, Linke makes limited editions available to the general public.

C-KL's products are sold through this online shop, selected galleries, design shops, concept stores and museum stores.

C-KL GmbH i.L.
Hohenstaufenstraße 8
60327 Frankfurt am Main

email   collection@kailinke.com
web     www.collection-kailinke.com

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